Approx Cost:
$5.00 for course materials.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

At least 3 credits from Level 1 Achievement Standards English.

Course Outline:

English is not compulsory at Year 12; however, it is strongly recommended.

This course will use the context of sport to discover and learn the key concepts required in English. Following a similar structure to the ENG201 course, Sport in English will allow those students who have a strong interest in sport to study English in a way they will find both captivating and relevant. Exploring issues such as gender roles, performance enhancing drugs and the role of media in sport, this course will not only allow students to continue along the English pathway but will do so using a context they are passionate in.



The course will assess four internal and one external Achievement Standards.

Where Does It Lead:

ENC301, ENW301, ENF301, ENR001, ENS001 and ENG301.  Applicable to most areas of employment and tertiary study.

For further information see:
Mr Stirling