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The purpose of this publication is to indicate to parents, caregivers, whānau and students the range of courses available at Lincoln High School in preparation for 2023 course selection.

Every effort is made to ensure that as many students as possible are able to study the courses they want.

When a student’s first choice of course is not possible (due to a timetable clash, oversubscription, or a course not running, for example) a student's reserve option subject is used and further course counselling will be provided as required. Courses which do not attract a sufficient number of students will not run. Occasionally, due to rooming and resourcing issues (eg specialist course teachers) a course may be withdrawn. However, every attempt is made to ensure the continuity of courses. Year 12 - 13 students should take note of the course recommendations to ensure they are well suited to a course in terms of prior knowledge.  Completion of the online course option form by the due date is essential.  Late applications may result in missing out on a preferred course, especially if it is over-subscribed.  A student’s subject priority is also taken into consideration when finalising class numbers for subjects that are oversubscribed.

Many courses have costs associated with them and the approximate amount is noted in the course information provided. Payment of costs for some courses is not compulsory, but payment of these allows us to continue to provide students with quality resources for their learning. These payments will be referred to as contributions on school invoices. Take home item costs in courses such as Art, workshop and food technology are costs that require payment.

Timetables are finalised early in 2023. Students will be issued with a copy at that time.

Career and Course Counselling

All students currently attending the school will be able to access advice by a course counsellor (primarily their year level Tutor) to ensure that a sensible and realistic course of study is planned. If a student does not cope in a subject that has a pre-entry requirement for a future course, they will be directed into alternative future courses. Parents/caregivers will also be involved in this decision and they must approve the proposed course. Course counselling will take place in Terms Three and Four.

Note: 2023 Year 12 and 13 students need to follow their teacher’s course recommendations, which are available on the school portal, when selecting their courses online.

Study The Formula For “Choosing A Course Of Study”

If you need help with your choice of course please see:

  • Your present teachers.
  • Your Tutor.
  • Your Dean.
  • Your Linc Teacher.
  • The School website.

Research shows that the two main influences on subject choices are:-

  • Which subjects your friends are taking.
  • Who is teaching a particular subject.

Neither of these should influence your course choice. Your friends may not be in the same class as you next year, even if you take the same courses; and no-one yet knows who will be teaching any course next year. So concentrate on what you need for your future career pathway.

2022 Course Confirmation Details

  • Year 9 -  Prospective Year 9 students and their parents/caregivers may attend an interview with the Principal or Senior Staff in Term Four.
  • Year 12 and Year 13 - At the time of selecting courses in Term Three, students access their teacher's recommendation on the school portal.  There may be a need for students to revisit their course selection due to not meeting recommended entry criteria, timetable clashes, over subscription or a course no longer running.  In such cases, students will be contacted and course counselled before the start of the 2023 school year to finalise their timetables.

In early Term Four, the school portal 'course selection page' will be reopened for students and there will be a chance for students (with their Linc teachers) to see their choices and to address any timetable clashes that would prevent them doing the combination of subjects they originally chose back in Term Three.

In Year 9 students start the first year of their two year junior programme. Year 9 consists of two semesters (half year-long) with a combination of compulsory courses and option courses chosen by the students. 

In Year 9 students will take 12 semester (half-year) courses that include:

a) Compulsory Courses - 2 semesters of Health & PE, Mathematics, Science, and one Semester of English and Social Studies. (the reverse happens in Year 10, the second year of the junior programme).

b) Option Courses - Four semesters of option courses (note: students choose 5 option courses in Year 10, the second year of the junior programme).

Year 10 students study five compulsory courses (English, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education, Science and Social Sciences) and six semester (half year) options (see individual course details).  You can choose to do one semester course from a subject area eg: Drama - Part 1 or take two semester courses from a subject area, which is equivalent to a whole year course eg: Drama Part - 1 and Drama - Part 2.  Pathways for all course at all levels are summarised on the Course Planning Chart.

A few Year 10 semester two courses require you to complete semester one first, before doing semester two.

Year 12 students study six year-long courses (see individual course details and Course Planning Chart).  There are no compulsory courses, however, English and Mathematics are strongly recommended.

Students have the option of studying five courses. In such cases, students will be placed in the Independent Learning Project (ILP001) course, in addition to their five courses, so that they can be mentored and have their progress monitored.


Year 13 students study five year-long courses (see individual course details and Course Planning Chart) and have an Independent Study (IST).  A sixth course can be selected in place of IST.  Students have the option of studying four courses.  In such cases, students will be placed in the Independent Learning Project (ILP001) course, in addition to their four courses, so that they can be mentored and have their progress monitored.

For students that are intending to gain University Entrance it is strongly recommended that they select at least four University Entrance approved courses.  Refer to individual course details to check if a course is a University Entrance approved subject

Year 13 (IST) is independent, unsupervised learning that can take place at school or at home.  Students are responsible for managing their work during this time. 

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