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All international students will live in either a homestay arranged by the school; with their parents or legal guardian; or a designated caregiver. Flatting is not permitted. Homestays are carefully selected and monitored by the International team.


  • International students live with carefully chosen families, who along with the school, assist students to adjust to their new environment

  • The International team is responsible for selecting a family that best meets the needs of the student

  • All families are police checked and visited regularly by the International team

  • All homestay families are within the school bus route area.

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Designated Caregivers

If parents choose to designate a caregiver, parents and the caregiver must sign the Accommodation Indemnity Document and Designated Caregiver Agreement and submit with your application.

  • The Code of Practice for International Students requires that the school visit and assess the home of the designated caregiver

  • The International team will visit twice a year and interview the student four times per year

  • If the placement is not considered satisfactory, the student may be moved to another host family.

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