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Bring Your Own Device

At Lincoln High School we recognise the necessity of arming our students with digital skills.

As citizens of the 21st century, the use of digital technologies is an integral part of daily living for most of us.  Our students need to have access to digital resources in a seamless manner in our classrooms. We recommend Windows devices for all students from Years 9 to 13.  This allows students to experience the full functionality of the Microsoft education environment.  

At Lincoln High School our minimum specs are:

- Windows or Apple Laptop. (Chromebook or iPad / Android tablets are not recommended or supported)

- Battery Life: 8hrs

- Hard Drive: 128GB

- Memory (RAM): 4GB

- Decent Screen Size: Around 14"

Art and DVC students will have access to Adobe Creative Cloud which includes Photoshop and other powerful industry standard software. A laptop with a 2 GHz or faster processor with SSE 4.2 or later and 8GB RAM is important to run this software.


The use of technology in business has developed exponentially over the last decade. We want to ensure that you are capable of utilising these developments, in the most safe and efficient way. Our school is equipped with an ultra-fast broadband connection and campus-wide Wi-Fi to allow you to complete tasks efficiently. Our connection is complete with blocking and filters to promote productivity and safety. Students at all levels have been using their own devices on our network for many years now, and we expect all of our students (wherever possible) to bring a suitable device to school, as we integrate the use of technology further into our learning.

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