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Under The Education (Pastoral of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 an International Student is required to attend 100% each school year. This is a requirement by New Zealand Immigration to re-apply for a student visa. The Education Act does not allow for holidays in school time, shopping or looking after other members of the family. The School attempts to meet any reasonable requests from parents or caregivers for leave, but senior students need to be aware of the restrictions associated with internal assessment. The full support of parents and caregivers in these matters is an important factor in preventing truancy and in keeping young people out of trouble.


The School reports fully on academic progress twice a year. The School expects all International Students to make reasonable academic progress and try their best.


NCEA is New Zealand’s national qualification for senior secondary students. NCEA is part of the National Qualifications Framework. All long-term senior and international students are required to sit NCEA exams.

For more information about these exams, please got to


If at any time it is believed that an International Student is at risk the matter will be referred immediately to Student Services where all appropriate policies and procedures will be followed.


The School welcomes direct communication from parents via phone, email, letter or visits. The School will communicate with parents via email, letters, newsletters and the website.

Students and parents may experience a range of problems and difficulties. This is normal. Any problem should firstly be taken to the International Directors or to Guidance staff.  

The School adheres to The Education (Pastoral of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021

An appeal authority operates through NZQA and any complaints and /or disputes will be dealt with under the new Code of Practice and/or the International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme. Students are advised of this at orientation and a ‘How to Make a Complaint’ poster is displayed in the International Office and the International ESOL Room. Click logo below for more information



The School requires up to date information on all students. Please inform the international team when addresses or telephone numbers change. In some cases, the International Director or office staff may need to contact parents or caregivers during working hours so the School requires an up to date contact address/telephone number for a parent’s or caregiver’s place of employment. We wish to avoid embarrassment by sending incorrectly addressed mail so would also appreciate being informed in cases where marital status change.


As part of the education system in New Zealand, students will often go on supervised class trips outside of school to places of interest for topics they are studying or with the International Department.

Before a class trip can take place permission must be granted by senior management of Lincoln High School, and Risk Analysis Management forms completed.

As part of this process we must obtain signed permission from the caregiver of each International Student before they can participate in a school trip.


All Lincoln High School policies and guidelines stated in this document apply to students travelling in groups. Each student must complete an individual application form, and attend an orientation. All group students will have a named group supervisor for emergencies and a Lincoln High School contact person.


Students are provided with Internet access through parental consent as part of the enrolment process. The Internet is only to be used for educational purposes and whilst the School has taken precautions to eliminate controversial material, it is not possible to restrict access to all such material and hence access remains the individual student’s responsibility. Internet use and sites visited are monitored closely.


Lincoln High School does not allow international students to drive.


In any event, the School’s liability in relation to the supply of tuition services to the student is limited to the amount of fees paid by the student for the provision of the services in respect of which liability arises. Nothing in this agreement limits any rights the parents and/or the student may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


The International Office welcomes contact with parents. Parents may contact the appropriate International team about any school matters that concern them and the Deputy Principals and guidance staff are also available for consultations. Teachers are available on Parents’ Evenings held throughout the year. The Parent-Teacher Association arranges meetings on topics of interest to parents and caregivers. Regular newsletters are sent home with students. These contain information about School activities, term and examination dates, Parents’ Evenings and other matters of interest to parents or caregivers.


Many staff provide support and help for International Students. The International Department has a two Co-Directors, a Homestay Co-ordinator and Office Administrator. Counsellors and Careers Counsellors help students with personal and career issues. First language counsellors are on staff for Japanese and Chinese students.


Students should not be applying for leave for personal travel during school time unless there is a compelling reason to do so. This could include the visit of parents, events organised through agents, being included as part of a host family activity or joining an approved school trip.

Under the provisions of The Education (Pastoral of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 the school has an obligation to ensure that leave is only granted where it can be assured that the student will be supervised by approved adults and will be living in accommodation that meets the appropriate standard.

All leave must be applied for at least six weeks in advance and must include signed permission from parents/caregivers and agents where applicable.  The International Director will make the final decision, and all Code of Practice requirements must be met.

If leave is taken without approval or when approval has been denied by the school this will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline and could involve disciplinary procedures up to and including expulsion or exclusion.


Parents are welcome to visit their child while studying in New Zealand.  The International Team can assist with any documentation required.  International Students are encouraged to travel within New Zealand in holiday time:

-With their families

-With school organised groups

-On trips and activities organised by their agents

  or by approved student travel companies in the

  school holidays

-With their parents

Internationals students are not permitted to leave school before the end of the term to travel home and must ensure they are back in New Zealand in time for the start of the new term. All holiday/travel arrangements must be approved by the International Department Administrator.  All Code regulations must be met. Forms are available from the International Office.

A homestay holding fee will be charged for absences during the mid-term holidays but not over the Summer holiday (Dec-Jan).  International students are not allowed to travel independently while they are studying at Lincoln High School.  This is a condition of enrolment.


Upon arrival at Christchurch International Airport, students will be met by a representative of Lincoln High School and their homestay.  Homestays are responsible for organising the student to the airport on their departure.


Lincoln High School will give written permission for part-time work (a maximum of 20 hours per week) for Year 12 and 13 students only who have student visa for a full school year. A Variation of Conditions to a student permit will need to be applied for and Lincoln High School is happy to assist with this.  Go to

To view the detailed requirement of the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Students will need to show they are making and maintaining excellent academic progress, have excellent attendance and have satisfactory transport arrangements to and from work.  Lincoln High School requires written confirmation from parents prior to applying for a Variation in Conditions. Lincoln High School Staff may visit the workplace.

Any breach of these conditions will place a student’s visa and/or study permit at risk and/or lead to disciplinary action by the school.


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