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Lincoln High School Ministry Funded Buses

The Ministry of Education provides transport assistance only for those students who can satisfy all the following criteria:

  • Attend the nearest secondary school
  • Live more than 4.8 km from Lincoln High School
  • There must be no suitable public transport options (within 2.4km)


The Ministry operates all services for eligible students whose nearest school is Lincoln High School and determine the bus routes based on location of homes.


A route may be moved, shortened, or stopped if the Ministry establishes that the service is not viable anymore.  For example, there might not be enough students using the bus.  If a route is changed, a conveyance allowance may be paid to caregivers of eligible students.

For further information School Transport please click on this link:  

and Keeping Safe While Using School Buses

If you have any questions or queries around this process, please direct to these to

Craig Reynolds

Regional Transport Advisor – Canterbury

03 378 7309


Lincoln High School Ministry Funded Buses 2024

A list of the Ministry Funded buses for Lincoln HS and the details along with departure times can be found here. There are some minor changes to some of these routes.

  • Ellesmere
  • Greenpark
  • Kaituna
  • Little River
  • Springston
  • Tai Tapu
  • Weedons

Metro Bus Services

Red Bus Ltd run a public-school service (user pays) to and from Lincoln High School each day.   These buses are for Lincoln High School students only.  These services are:

Riccarton 691

Hornby 692

Springs Road 693

Details of these services are available here.

Please note from February 2nd 2021 the Route 691 terminus will be relocated from the Bus Interchange to Riccarton Rd near Balgay St. From here, students can take one of several buses going to the Bus Interchange.

Students are also able to access the 80 Lincoln – Parklands public bus as well click here for timetable or the 820 Burnham - Rolleston - Lincoln public buses click here for timetable

Travlon Coachlines

This independent user pays service is currently operating from Rolleston to Lincoln High School. For further information, please contact Travlon Coachlines 

 Busing to School

We encourage students to catch a bus to school on their first day.  If you are familiar with a bus stop close to your house where Lincoln High School students wait, then students should wait in this area.  However, if you are unsure then the parent/caregiver can bring the student to school in the morning of their first day and then students can then bus home. 

Bus drivers have been instructed to pick up any student in Lincoln High School uniform. Drivers are also aware that all the students on the first day are new Year 9s and might be anxious about their first day.  As part of Year 9 students' orientation, they will be advised of their correct bus and taken to this bus at the end of the school day.  Where the bus drops them off after school on their first day will also dictate where they catch the bus the following morning.  Drivers will also be able to advise approximate pick up times.  Students should arrive at their bus stop at least 5 minutes before pick up.  In the interests of all students we expect a very high standard of behaviour on all buses.

 Responsibility of parents/caregivers

To ensure a safe environment for bus loading and unloading caregivers should:

  • not park in bus bays
  • adhere to the speed limit (20km/h) while passing a stationary school bus on either side of the road)
  • try to eliminate the need for students to cross the road
  • ensure that students get to and from the bus stop safely
  • advise students to not run across the road

If you need any further assistance with any bus information, please contact the bus co-ordinator or the school office.

Shaun Sparke

Bus Co-ordinator

Lincoln High School 



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