Approx Cost:
Education Perfect $20.00
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

This subject is open entry.  Students who have enjoyed physics topics in junior science and/or are planning to do physics in year 12 are strongly advised to take this subject.

Course Outline:

Investigate implication of electricity and magnetism

Students will investigate both through experiments and research to allow them to gain an understanding of electricity and magnetism in everyday life.

Concepts will include:

Static Electricity: positive and negative charge, conductors and insulators, uniform and non-uniform charge distributions, earthing, electrical discharge in air, separation of charge by friction, charging by contact.

Direct Current Electricity: voltage, current, resistance, power, series circuits and simple parallel circuits, circuit diagrams,  

Magnetism: magnetic field directions (bar magnets, the earth’s magnetic field, magnetic fields due to currents in straight wires and solenoids); electromagnets;


Wave behaviour for everyday life. 

Students will investigate both through experiments and research to allow them to show understanding of light and sound.

Concepts will include

Waves: longitudinal waves, transverse waves, period, wavelength, frequency, amplitude, speed, diffraction around a barrier

Light: reflection at a plane surface, reflection and refraction at a straight boundary, dispersion of white light through a triangular prism, total internal reflection, speed of light in different media

There will be one NCEA internal assessment.

Where Does It Lead:

This course would fit well alongside any other year 11 science. This could lead to completing study in senior Physics at Lincoln High School. Relevant careers could include Science, Engineering, Electrician, Research and Development,  Geology, Meteorology. Students who are looking at careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields are recommended to consider taking more than two semesters of science such as 11BIO, 11CHE, 11PHY, 11SCI, 11AHS, 11SCB, 11AMS or 11FSC.

For further information see:
Mr Tolhoek