Approx Cost:
$10 for koha for guest speakers
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open entry, but this course is suited to those with a strong interest in history.

Course Outline:

This course will be focused on World War One and World War Two. It will explore the many different facets of the two wars including: the origins of the wars; the technological and medical advancements; conscientious objectors; espionage; trench warfare; women and animals in war, and many more. Students will then complete a research internal on a certain aspect of their choice.

Skills to be taught:

  • Research – how to locate and assess reliable sources, particularly within the online realm
  • Essay structure and writing – creating logical arguments that incorporate reliable evidence
  • Interpreting historical perspectives – recognising the different perspectives held in relation to significant historical events, and explaining the reasons behind these perspectives
  • Understanding significance – explaining how a person, event or place can be of significance, and how this impacts the historical narrative

Topics to be covered:

  • Origins of the wars
  • The Role of Propaganda
  • Conscientious objectors – focusing on Archibald Baxter
  • The role of animals, women, and children
  • Key battles of WW1 and WW2
  • Trench warfare
  • War on the home front
  • Technological and medical advancements – including a case study on the work of Archibald McIndoe

There is one internal NCEA assessment in this course which includes 4 literacy credits.

An end of semester essay will also be used to gauge suitability for Year 12 History courses.

This course can be taken in combination with any other Year 11 History semester course.

For further information see:
Mrs T Smith