Approx Cost:
$5.00 for course materials.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

At least 3 credits from Year 11 English Achievement Standards.

Course Outline:

English is not compulsory at Year 12; however, it is strongly recommended. 

 This course looks specifically at the Holocaust, the reasons behind why it happened and its relevance to our world today.  Students will learn to examine and respond to various texts types, including film and poetry.  The course will not be limited to WW2 but there will be an emphasise on the Third Reich, what happened to the Jewish people and some key battles that shaped the war.  Key themes will include dehumanisation, guilt, good versus evil and morality.



The course will assess three internal and two external Achievement Standards.

Where Does It Lead:

ENC301, ENW301, ENF301, ENR001, ENS001, and ENG301.  Applicable to most areas of employment and tertiary study.

For further information see:
Mr Cuff