Approx Cost:
• Education perfect Subscription $25 for a year
• NCEA revision workbook $10
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Students are expected to have completed 2 semesters of Chinese in Year 10 (full year) or some knowledge of Chinese.

Course Outline:

Learning Chinese offers many benefits to personal and professional growth and a great way to gain a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world. Chinese is the most widely spoken language with approximately 14% of the global population speaking it. There is no doubt that Chinese Mandarin will provide exciting opportunities for travel, and jobs.

Semester 1:

Topics include:

 School Life

 Going places and transports

 Food and everyday life in China.

Languages take you places!

Students will develop skills in problem solving, analytical thinking, memorisation, creativity and cultural empathy. Learning a second language also improves your knowledge of English. 

Students will be able to use and understand basic Mandarin Chinese in order to participate in everyday language situations so they will be able to complete an NCEA internal standards.

Where Does It Lead:

Level 2 NCEA Mandarin Chinese.  Learning Chinese gives students greater opportunities in a changing world. For example, careers in international business, travel and tourism, journalism, government organisations, humanitarian roles, translation and interpreting, diplomacy, law, research, teaching, export and manufacturing, hospitality and more. The world is becoming increasing global and having a language adds value to other degrees and gives you an advantage in the job market

Students can also sit HSK levels a globally recognized examination for students learning Mandarin Chinese as a second language.

For further information see:
Mrs Yee