Approx Cost:
$20 for a trip
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Being able to cope with understanding human behaviour, emotions and thought processes in a classroom environment, as well as the academic demands of Psychology, is required. 

Course Outline:

Psychology is the scientific study of human thoughts, emotions and actions. Studying this subject allows students to find out more about themselves and others; something that is becoming increasingly important in this ever-changing, complex world of ours,

 Focus this semester will be on the research methods used in Psychology. This will involve a visit to Orana Park to observe animal behaviour. We will also be studying the Theory of Attachment and there will be practical activities associated with this.

 This course will be a mixture of theory and hands-on work.


Assessments are generally research based essays.

Where Does It Lead:

Psychology provides a strong foundation for other career areas such as mental health, education, training, marketing, leadership, management, business, law and polotics.

For further information see:
Mrs Dickison