Approx Cost:
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Being able to cope with studying all aspects of human behaviour in a classroom environment.

11PSY is not a prerequisite.

Course Outline:

Psychology is the study of human behaviour, emotions and thought processes.  The emphasis of this course is on helping students understand the theoretical concepts and research methods associated with Psychology, which will also help them understand themselves.

 In this course, we will look at the psychology of:

 Reality Television – Love Island, The Kardashians, Big Brother. Why are some of us so obsessed? What are the biases involved when watching and what role does social media have in dictating our responses and feelings?

 Stress – What is going on in our bodies when we are stressed? Why are some of us more predisposed to stress than others and what ways are there to help us manage it? How relevant is this knowledge to the fields of Clinical and Health Psychology?

 Conformity – Why do we conform to group pressure despite our own personal beliefs? In groups you will carry out research, following the scientific process, to prove conformity in a context of your choice.

 Nature / Nurture – How has this psychological debate changed over time? How does it help us understand behaviours such as aggression?


Four NCEA Achievement Standards will be on offer internally, totalling 18 credits

Where Does It Lead:

Psychology provides a strong foundation for other career areas such as mental health, education, training, marketing, leadership, management, business, law and politics.

For further information see:
Mrs Dickison