Approx Cost:
Nil, but a graphics calculator is required for this course
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is not needed for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Students are expected to have at least 12 credits from MAC201 including at least a Merit in either AS91261 Algebra or AS91262 Calculus. Other students can discuss their suitability with the HOLA.

Note: Students may choose to enter both MAC301 and MSM301, but they cannot enter both MAC301 and MAT301.

Course Outline:

Equations; real, rational and complex numbers; graphs and trigonometry; calculus including the solution of differential equations.

The course extends and develops the calculus work begun in Year 12. The formulation of problems in mathematical terms, use of mathematical reasoning, precision in the use of symbols and the ability to construct and set out methodically a mathematical argument are increasingly important.

Where Does It Lead:

Tertiary Mathematics courses. This course provides important background for tertiary study

and/or careers especially in Physics, Engineering and Architecture.

For further information see:
Mr Phillipps.