Approx Cost:
$90 for materials. Any extra materials will be charged accordingly.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Course Outline:

In this course students will construct a functional item with some scope allowed for individual designs when following the technological design process. 

The skill focus is mainly on  

  • using hand tools, equipment and machinery  
  • marking out and measuring 
  • accuracy and precision
  • preparing cutting lists

This course establishes workshop practices such as  

  • collaboration 
  • following strict safety codes of practice 
  • independence

There is a major practical component to this course. However, in each project, students will be required to complete associated theory and a laptop is required..


Students will be assessed in the following components: 

  • Brief development 
  • Workshop practices (practical and safety)
Where Does It Lead:

Junior Materials Technology JMTHb and/or JMTHc

For further information see:
Mr van Wezel