Approx Cost:
Generally not applicable but dependent on student selected learning project.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open entry.

Course Outline:

This course is designed for students that 

  • want to study one less subject


  • want to focus on an independent project of special interest

Independent Project:

This course is designed by the student and facilitated by a teacher.  Students need to be self-motivated, passionate about a particular project, be prepared to study and/or investigate a project or train towards a particular goal. Students are responsible for developing a good timeline and producing an end product/outcome.

This course does not have NCEA credits attached but individual projects may attract credits, dependent on the project. Projects might include an elite sportsperson training for their particular sport, writing software, a local environment investigation or a research topic of interest. Students choose a topic that they are passionate about. The course is available to Year 11-13 students.

Studying one less subject:

Students would use 11ILP class time to work on their remaining courses.  After planning their goal, they would be supervised, monitored and supported by their 11ILP teacher throughout the year.  Students would be responsible for bringing their work to class and be expected to manage their time to achieve their goal which may include completion of an NCEA certificate or university STAR course.


Where Does It Lead:

Depending on the purpose of being in the course (independent project or studying one less subject) this may lead to continuing 11ILP up to Year 13. The project may also supplement other courses undertaken by the students.

For further information see:
Mr T Melton