Approx Cost:
$12.00, this includes set squares, drawing boards, paper, rendering pens, A3 folder, CAD programmes including the Adobe Suite (photoshop etc), modelling materials and department resources.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open Entry

Course Outline:

Part 1 – This is the first semester, the material in each semester will be different and it is advised you take both semesters, especially if you want to continue to Level 2 DVC.

Design is situated within a world of ideas - explore the role of design throughout history. Gain the skills and vocabulary you need to question, research and design.

If you like problem solving and want to use your creativity to design and build spaces for work, home and play, then taking DVC is right for you.

Learn how colour, materials, light, shape and form can influence a person's mood or provoke a particular response.

You will explore how people experience design through touch, smell and sight, and how to use these ideas to drive concepts to the next level.

Design and Visual Communication covers areas of sketching, instrumental drawing, modelling, and computer aided design. We teach these important skills in exciting project-based settings.


Assessment will be through project-based work, completed throughout the semesters.

Where Does It Lead:

NCEA Level 2 & 3. Then on to Polytech and university. If you want a job in any of the creative fields this is the subject for you. This will lead you on a path to Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design, Graphic/Web Design, Landscape, Interior Design, Game Design, Animation, Model Making and Product Design, CAD design, Media Graphics, Mechanical Drawing, Quantity Surveying and Technology.

For further information see:
Mrs Habbitts