Approx Cost:
Workbook $35.00, E-learn $25
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Students are expected to have completed ECO201. Alternatively they can discuss their suitability with the HOD.

Doing ECO301 for the first time will require extra out of class work throughout the year.

Course Outline:

This course looks at how the market system operates on a micro and macro level and how the economy works as a whole. Students develop reasoning and analytical skills that allow them to present and interpret economic graphs and information for a variety of scenarios in the economy.

  • How economics can solve problems such as improving youth health and education.
  • Economic theory about market structure, market failure, market efficiency and the impact on the economy.
  • How the government makes choices and can influence markets and society.
Where Does It Lead:

Tertiary study in commerce, accounting, management, finance, economics, business studies. History, political science or law.

For further information see:
Mrs Walker or Miss Payne