Approx Cost:
$40 for workshops and optional performances
$10 Course Booklet
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Course Outline:

Do you want to improve your confidence and communication skills?  

Do you want to collaborate with others to create exciting performances? 

Drama is a fun and inclusive practical subject where you get to perform a variety of scenes and styles over the 6 months course. Active participation in all activities is expected. As part of the course, we watch professional live Theatre and learn about the behind the scenes work in a backstage tour of the Court Theatre.  

This course is based around level 3 of the National Curriculum. 

Skills we learn: 

  • Improvisation 
  • Vocal and physical work 
  • Empathy- exploring different perspectives through a range of characters 
  • Critical thinking and evaluation skills 

Practical assessments throughout the semester, focused on:

Developing ideas- Original pieces

Practical knowledge- Improvisation, vocal and physical work

Understanding Drama in context- Theatre history styles

Communicating and Interpreting- script work

Where Does It Lead:

Ākonga learn to work with others, develop critical and creative thinking skills while developing performance and communication skills in a range of dramatic contexts. Ākonga can continue with Drama up to Year 13 Drama scholarship level. Drama is a UE subject.

For further information see:
Mrs McLean.