Approx Cost:
Language Perfect subscription $17.00 for one semester or $27.50 for both semesters
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Course Outline:

Learning a language opens up a world of opportunities. It is exciting to learn Chinese! The aim is to increase awareness of how important it is to understand the standard Chinese Mandarin spoken by New Zealand's trading partners in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Students will develop their reading , writing, listening, speaking and presenting skills. They will have many opportunities to build communication and intercultural skills.

Topics include Everyday language such as: Greetings, Pictographic Characters, Numbers, Colours, Pets, Family and Birthdays. Students will practise in groups, pairs, use audio, videos and character cards to help them to learn the language well.


Students are assesses through self and peer assessment as well as more formal tests. Small and frequent tests covering the four main skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Students will study Level 1 and Level 2 of the Chinese curriculum.

Where Does It Lead:

Junior Chinese Courses, JCHIb and JCHIc. Students also further develop knowledge of an exciting writing system along with everyday conversational Chinese that is important in the Tourism and Business Industries.

For further information see:
Mrs Yee.