Approx Cost:
Possible field trips of $50. Whānau are expected to cover the cost associated with each student’s project. This may include travel costs, trifold board, koha (gift) to recognise their mentor scientist.
$25 access to the online resource ‘stile’ is recommended
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

This subject is open entry to Year 9, and Year 10. One course will run in 2023.  Students will need to have a strong curiosity for the world around them and be willing to use the scientific method to investigate their burning questions. Students need to be able to travel to their host scientist and to locations of possible fieldwork, both during class time and/or outside of school hours. Students will be highly independent, motivated and self-starters.

Course Outline:

Students will connect and collaborate with a mentor scientist (from industry) to develop and complete a science investigation, or a piece of research, that is unique to each student's interests and passion. There is an opportunity to complete these investigations individually or as a pair (if mutual interest is reached).

This programme will include:

Developing critical thinking around a question that each student/pair has identified that is of importance to them.

Develop their communication skills by networking and working alongside their mentor scientist, teacher, and other participating students.

Lab work and/or fieldwork during class time and outside of class time (where applicable) to collect relevant and meaningful data, that will allow students to complete their investigation/research.

Completing an investigation that follows the scientific method.

Analysis of data and/or research collected to draw relevant conclusions and where possible, the implications to our local community.

Student’s completed science investigation will be communicated three ways via a visual, verbal, and written presentation. This culminates with a final presentation to whanau, scientists, and other classmates.

Projects will be entered in the Canterbury/Westland Science fair, where significant prizes and local recognition are awarded.

Where Does It Lead:

This is a course that could be completed over subsequent years (from Year 9 and Year 10), as students refine and develop more curious questions into an area of passion and interest. It will provide a platform for students to develop a body of work that could be used to enter national and international science competitions. By working alongside their mentor scientist, students will be able to explore first-hand, the wonderful opportunities that a career in science can offer.

For further information see:
Ms Whiting/Mrs Knowles