Enrolment to Lincoln High School is governed by a school zone and applications can be completed online.

Zone Information

Zoning information is available at: www.schoolzones.co.nz 

For 2018, there are two zones; one for Year 11-13 students, and Year 9-10 students.

For 2019, the above changes to Year 12-13 students, and Year 9-11 students.

All students living in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school at any time.


Lincoln High School Enrolment Scheme (effective January 2017)

The boundaries of our zone changed from January 2017 which resulted in some school families no longer living in it. These families may want a child in Year 8, or younger, to enrol at Lincoln High School in 2018 or later. In some circumstances this can happen.

Our enrolment scheme, as stated by the Ministry of Education, says the following:

Transitional arrangement for families of currently enrolled students who find themselves ‘out of zone’ at the commencement of this scheme.

The following addresses shall be deemed to be ‘in-zone’, but only for as long as they contain children who, at the time of enrolment, are the siblings of current* students (appendix available on request from the school office).

Note: This is a very tightly defined concession. It would not apply to:

  1. a.  Children of parents who move into any of these addresses subsequent to the adoption of the enrolment scheme boundary amendment; and
  2. b.  Children of parents currently living at one of the addresses who move out of the address subsequent to the adoption of the enrolment scheme boundary amendment.

*Note: ‘Currently enrolled’ or ‘current’ means at the end of the 2016 school year and includes any Year 13 students who stayed until the end of the year.

The appendix referred to above is a list of addresses of students on the school roll at the end of 2016. These students lived in-zone under the previous enrolment scheme.

Any Year 8, or younger, student who has a sibling on that roll and is living at the same address as listed on the roll, will be classified as an in-zone enrolment for the year they want to start at Lincoln High School.

Example 1: Jake is in Year 8 in 2017 and lives in the pre-2017 enrolment zone but does not live in the new Lincoln zone. He had a sister in Year 13 in 2016. They haven’t moved house since then. Jake can attend Lincoln in 2018 as an in-zone enrolment under the transitional arrangement.

Example 2: Samantha is in Year 6 in 2017 and wants to attend Lincoln in 2019. Her brother was at Lincoln in 2016 but he left school at the end of the first term. Samantha will not be considered as in in-zone enrolment as her brother was not at Lincoln at the end of 2016.

Example 3: Aroha was enrolled at Lincoln High in 2016 as an out-of-zone student through the enrolment ballot. Aroha’s siblings are unable to enrol at the school through the transitional enrolment arrangements as the transitional arrangement applies only to the original Lincoln High School enrolment zone. 

Bus Transport

Rolleston College is taking enrolments for one year level each year, starting in 2017 with Year 9.

The Ministry will continue to provide school bus transport for students from Rolleston to Lincoln for a period which will allow a Year 10 student at Lincoln High in 2017 to complete school at Lincoln High School through to Year 13.  This will be the years 2017 through to 2020. 

Open Day

The school holds an Open Day each year, where prospective students and their parents or caregivers can look over the school and hear about the school's activities and courses.  The date for this year can be found in our Community/Events section.




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