Approx Cost:
$50 - $100 depending on trips
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

The ability to cope with all aspects of human behaviour in a classroom environment.  In addition, 12 or more NCEA credits from Achievement Standards in English or a Social Science is expected.

NCEA Level 1 Psychology is not a prerequisite.

Course Outline:

Psychology is the study of human behaviour.  The emphasis of this course is on helping students understand the theoretical concepts and research methods associated with Psychology.

We will look at the areas of addiction, human aggression (criminology), stress in schools and the free will versus determinism debate.


4 NCEA Achievement Standards will be on offer internally, totalling 18 credits

Where Does It Lead:

Psychology provides a strong foundation for other career areas such as mental health, education, training, marketing, leadership, management, business, law and politics.

For further information see:
Mrs M Dickison