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Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Course Outline:

Year 10 Health & Physical Education continues the HPE journey our learners began at Year 9, giving young people the opportunity to move and be active, form meaningful relationships, and explore well-being from personal, interpersonal and societal perspectives. Our Lincoln High School tikanga form four broad themes for learning (Let’s be Supportive, Let’s be Reliable, Let’s be Respectful, Let’s be Resilient), and content covered within these themes include

• Five ways to well-being
• Healthy lifestyles
• Water safety
• Decision making
• Racquet skills
• Sexuality
• Sport Education
• Interpersonal skills
• International games
• Athletics


Progress is measured using a variety of assessment modes in both practical and theoretical contexts. Assessment aligns with objectives at Level 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum.  

Where Does It Lead:

Year 11 Health & Physical Education courses (PED101, HED101, SPS101, PEM101)

For further information see:
Mr J Goodfellow.