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Course Outline:

This single semester course is a multi-level set and props course, suited to students interested in theatrical set and props design and construction. The Performing Arts subjects will be working towards the major Musical Production the following year and so the learning context will be dictated by the production selected for performance. The learning projects will also be dictated by the real-world client that is the school production and the team directing it. Students will gain practical knowledge of a range of established forms of set design and construction and will engage in both collaborative and solo projects to allow for a broad range of experience. As part of this learning ākonga will produce a variety of work consisting of drawings, notes, and actual set and props items.

The Year 11 students learn parallel skills to the year 12 and 13 students.

 Assessment: L2 or 3 NCEA standards are available for the year 12 and 13 NCEA students only.

Year 11 students will not sit NCEA assessments.

 Internal Achievement Standards: Level 2

 2.2     Design – Use drawing methods to apply knowledge of conventions appropriate to Design.

(In the context of set design projects) 4 Credits.

 2.5     Produce a resolved work that demonstrates control of skills appropriate to cultural conventions of theatrical Set and Props Design and construction. 4 Credits.

 Total 8 Credits

 Internal Achievement Standards: Level 3

 3.2     Design – Use drawing to demonstrate understanding of conventions appropriate to Design (Set and Props Design), 4 Credits

 3.5     Produce a resolved work that demonstrates purposeful control of skills appropriate to (Set and Props construction, 4 credits.

 Total 8 Credits

Where Does It Lead:

Careers in art and design, film, architecture, television, animation, industrial design, advertising, photography, publishing, promotion and marketing.

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