Approx Cost:
$20 to cover workbooks and materials
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

This course is a continuation of the semester one course. To be successful in this course students should have taken Pūoro Music part a. Students may discuss their suitability their suitability for this course with the HOD of Music. 

Course Outline:

This course is a continuation of the concepts and learning covered in Pūoro Music 1. This course is for students who have an interest in music and would like to learn about how it works through close analysis and practical application.  We focus on the essential music skills that are needed to be successful in music.

To be successful in this course students must be receiving tutored instrument or voice lessons alongside their Music course.  These can often be provided through our itinerant music scheme

Level 11:             

Performance craft – Perform music as a featured soloist and as a member of a group to a audience in an evening concert setting.

Composition technique – Students will continue to develop compositional skills and understanding through composing original music.

Historical contexts- Students will conduct research of a composer and study of musical context, history, and compositional elements of a piece of music.

Aural perception and harmonic analysis – Ongoing ear training exercises

Musical analysis, understanding and harmonic concepts - a series of score analysis and study of musical concepts.  These will be applied in composition

Where Does It Lead:

This course provides a pathway for student who wish to continue studying music at NCEA level 2.



For further information see:
Mr Beard