Approx Cost:
$20 to cover workbooks and materials

Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Studdents are expected to have successfully completed Year 10 music or by audition/discussion with Mr Beard, HOD Music.

A laptop or device is optional for this course. This course requires music to be recorded and presented using specialist music software which is available in the department.

Students should be able to play at least one musical instrument to a minimum of two years’ experience. This course is a performance-based course and student will be asked to perform as both a soloist and as part of a group.

To be successful in this course are expected to play an instrument, ideally you will be receiving tuition on your instrument either privately or through the itinerant programme.

Students taking this course can expect to performance in evening and public performances

NB – Voice/singing is an instrument

Course Outline:

This course focuses on developing performance and instrumental skills.  It is intended for students who only wish to complete the performance standards along with song writing with the option of some music technology standards.

Level 11:

            Performance craft – Perform music as a featured soloist and as a member of a group

            Song writing – compose and record original music

Music Technology – Learn how to use and operate recording software and recording techniques

Musicianship – there is no theory component to this course however, song writing skills will be taught which will require some understanding of chords and harmony.

There are no NCEA assessments in this course.


Where Does It Lead:

Students must complete year 11 music to meet the requirements for year 12 music.

For further information see:
Mr Beard