Approx Cost:
$20 to cover workbooks and materials
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

This multi-level (Yr 11-13) course is a continuation of the semester one course 11MUAa. Students are expected to have completed the semester 1 course. Alternatively students may discuss their suitability their suitability for this course with the HOD of Music. 

Students should be able to play at least one musical instrument to a minimum of two years’ experience and have a have a minimum of grade 2/3 theory .This course is focused on the performance, harmonic analysis, score reading, composition and arranging. Student will be asked to perform as both a soloist and as part of a group. 

To be successful in this course you are expected to be proficient on an instrument and receiving tuition on your instrument either privately or through the itinerant programme.

NB – Voice/singing is an instrument

Course Outline:

This course focuses on developing performance, composition and understanding of harmony.  It is intended for students who can read and may wish pursue music at tertiary level.

All solo performance practice will be expected to be completed at home.  We will have workshops and assessments only during class.  Some class time will be given to group performance. 


Level 11:

                Performance craft – Perform music as a featured soloist and as a member of a group

                Composition technique - Compose original pieces of music

                Historical contexts

                Aural perception and harmonic analysis

Students should expect to be working at grade 3,4 level theory by the end of this course.

There are no NCEA assessments in this course. 

Where Does It Lead:

Students must complete year 11 music to meet the requirements for year 12 music.



For further information see:
Mr Beard