Approx Cost:
$20.00 for course workbooks.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Students are expected to have successfully completed Year 9 Music, however they can discuss their suitability with TIC Music.

Students are expected to be receiving tutored instrument or voice lessons alongside their Music course.  These can often be provided through our itinerant music scheme - for more information see the Music department


Course Outline:

This is a Semester course that focuses on developing musical understanding through group performance, contemporary composition using technology, research of popular music, and developing theoretical understanding and aural skills.

Units include:

  • Performance (group).
  • Composition using digital technologies.
  • Music theory and listening skills.
  • Study of popular music.

Performance assessments, Theory and aural tests and assignment-based assessment.


Where Does It Lead:

Students who wish to take music at year 11 are encouraged to take both music options.  (10MUSa and 10MUSb*)

For further information see:
Mr Beard