Approx Cost:
$10 for cultural tasks in class.
$30 Restaurant visit.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open Entry. 

Year 12 &13 could complete this one semester course  alongside  ILP001.

Course Outline:

Starting right at the beginning this course explores up to 5 languages   that  include short episodes so you can experience learning  Japanese, Chinese , French , German and Spanish phrases that will help you be upskilled for meeting people from different countries and be prepared for travel.

Experience culture, food and language in a fun way and enjoy adventures that take you on a virtual journey of Asia, Europe and South America.

We will spend three weeks on each language and culture and you will learn how to use greetings, introduce yourself and how to ask for basic things in a shop and café.


No formal assessment but self/peer assessment.

Where Does It Lead:

Where does it lead – further study of languages.  These skills will compliment any career path, particularly in Tourism and Business

For further information see:
Mrs Austen