Approx Cost:
$25 Education Perfect subscription, $15 Japanese Lunch ( optional)
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

It is recommended students have completed Year 10 Japanese but not essential.

Course Outline:

Japanese is a unique and exciting language and as New Zealand becomes increasingly more international knowing another language helps us to develop key skills to interact respectfully as global citizens. In this semester course we explore the Japanese language and culture, building on language skills introduced during Year 9 and Year 10.

The course is based around texts and the world of Anime that reflect popular Japanese language and culture. We will view and discuss online material, readings and video clips, exploring the unique rich culture of Japan.

When border constraints are lifted there are opportunities to participate in exchanges to Japan, host students from Japan, participate in future school trips to Japan and take part in the NCEA Japan Day at University of Canterbury alongside students from other schools studying Japanese.

Where Does It Lead:

Japanese 201 – NCEA Level 2.

Careers in international business, travel and tourism, journalism, government opportunities, humanitarian roles, translating and interpreting, diplomacy, law, research, teaching ,export and manufacturing, hospitality and more

For further information see:
Mrs Austen