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The wider curriculum


Apart from the courses listed for each year level in the Course Planning Chart, other programmes which are offered as part of the total curriculum of the school are described below. Most are integrated into the year's programme and all students take them. Others are on an optional basis (eg, sports, clubs, etc).


Peer Support

Achieving success at school and making or maintaining friendships are important concerns for students. Developing a network of friends and feeling valued within the school community can have a significant impact on students’ social skills and achievement.

Year 9 students take part in an orientation programme which eases their transition to secondary school. Year 12 and 13 students use a series of informal activities to introduce the newcomers to the school, to the people in it, and to each other.

The Peer Support leaders will develop essential skills: communication skills, problem-solving skills, social and co-operative skills, and work and study skills during their training and facilitation of a small group.

Year 11 and 12 students will have an opportunity to attend a two day Leadership Training Course which prepares them for their role as Peer Support leaders, at the end of the academic year once external NCEA exams are finished.


Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp

During Term One, the three day Year 10 Outdoor Recreation camps occur and are an important part of a Year 10 student’s education. Students go to this camp with their timetable class. This camp experience provides an opportunity for the students to develop their social and personal skills such as self-confidence, co-operation and leadership. The Lincoln tikanga of being Respectful, Reliable, Supportive and Resilient are incorporated into the programme, giving students opportunities to experience and to demonstrate these.


Music Tutoring

All students can apply for instrumental and vocal lessons. However, priority is given to those in option Music classes and to students who whish to be involved in one of our music groups listed below. Sign-up for lessons will happen in the first three weeks of Term One.  A notice will be sent out to all music students which will include a link to a form for students to sign themselves up. A link can also be found through the schools website.

The school is fortunate to have excellent itinerant tutors available to teach the following range of instruments:

Strings (violin, cello etc), Guitar (acoustic, electric and bass), Voice, Piano, Drums, Brass, Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone).

All students involved in extra-curricular music will pay a compulsory administration cost of $30.00.  However, there is no charge for the actual music lessons.  Students are expected to attend once placed into lessons and the administration fee is non re-fundable. Hire is available for most instruments at approximately $250.00 a year.  All costs will be confirmed at the start of the year.

Students in the itinerant music lesson scheme will be expected to take part in musical activities/groups in the school. Lessons are subject to availability and students who miss out go on a waiting list.

Music Groups

  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Clarinet Ensemble
  • Choir
  • Rock Band (student driven)


English for Speakers of Other Languages

ESOL classes are available at Elementary (non-NCEA), Intermediate (Level 1 NCEA English) and Upper Intermediate (Level 2 NCEA English) levels for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Individual needs will be considered when programmes for these students are planned. It is important, however, that students wanting to gain national qualifications in mainstream subjects have at least an intermediate level of English at the time of enrolment, as all instruction is in English.


The school offers a full range of sporting opportunities. Teams may take part in the Wednesday inter-school competition, or in other secondary school competitions offered at Canterbury, South Island and New Zealand levels. There is a charge for affiliations and uniforms as well as a bus fee.  We have a winter sports exchange with Ashburton College. The school holds athletic, swimming and cross country competitions annually as part of the school house competitions. The school has an active Sports Council which runs a variety of lunchtime activities and competitions. 

Sporting opportunities include Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross-Country, Cycling, Equestrian, Football, Futsal, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Indoor Netball, Lawn Bowls, Mountain Biking, Multi-Sports, Netball, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Shooting, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch, Triathlon and Volleyball.


Cultural and Club Groups


Performing Arts Programme 

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Performing Arts groups:

• Dance groups which run based on student interest
• Dance Starz Challenge
• Dance Festivals/Workshops

• Drama Productions and performance evenings
• Student directors’ evening
• Sheilah Winn Festival of Shakespeare in Schools
• Theatrefest
• Field Trips
• Extension Drama courses involving a range of professional performers and tutors, based on students’ interest
• Technical crew

• Lincoln Pops Choir
• Lincoln Jazz
• Choral and Chamber Music Festivals
• LHS Orchestra
• Rockquest
• Percussion Ensemble
• Orchestra Festival

Major Musical Productions in recent years have included ‘Guys and Dolls’ 2018 and 'The Addams Family' 2020.


Te Kāhui Whetū o Waihora 

Lincoln High School Kapahaka

Te Kāhui Whetū o Waihora, the cluster of Stars above Waihora.  This newly minted name was created by past students Coven Mouat and Horiana Myers.  It acknowledges the understanding of the stars that our ancestors used to navigate across the oceans, and that each star is important to the cluster.  Although Kapahaka is now a subject, Māori Performing Arts, available for selection for Yr 10-13's, lunchtime practices are still held for Yr9's, and/or any other student who may wish to join.  The group performs at numerous local and regional events, and is on the path to developing a strong competitive group.  If you have an interest in singing and/or performing, come along to the practices.

School Council

The School Council members are selected by an extensive election and interview process. The student and staff body vote for 20 candidates who then go forward to an interview with the Principal and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Any student in Year 13 may stand for the Council. Year 10 - 13 students can apply to be considered for sub-councils in Academic, Arts, Sustainability, Cultural, Sports and Social, House, Junior, Year 13 and Services.

The Council's role is to co-ordinate student activities, and to act as a voice for the entire student body. The Council is led by Two Head Students and Two Deputy Head Students, with Council members leading the Academic, Arts, Social, Junior, Sports, Services, Sustainability, House Councils, Year 13 Committee  and Cultural Sub-Councils.


Academic, Arts, Sports, Services, Sustainability, House, Social and Cultural Councils, Junior and Year 13 Committees.


  • The Sports Council, Academic Council, Cultural Council and the Arts Council are responsible for promoting activities of a sporting, cultural and academic nature in the school, eg the Netball Touch lunchtime tournament, the House Tug of War, the Academic Kahoot the Spelling Bee and International week.

  • The Services Council fundraises and offers support for worthwhile causes within the school and in the community, eg Ronald McDonald House

  • The Social Council organises and runs the senior ball and school socials.

  • The Sustainability Council works to raise the student body awareness of issues around the environment while working to maintain and improve on our silver Enviro school status.

  • The House Council liaises with House Leaders, makes decisions around events and House awards. Eg Tug of War

  • Year 13 committees organise events and things related to their particular year e.g. the Year 13 committee organises the leavers gear, year book and the last days of school. 

  • Junior Council - This group involves a cross section of Junior students.  They work alongside Year 13 council members on projects such as Junior assemblies, prizegivings lunchtime activities and special projects that include documenting the life of a Junior student.


The Lincoln High School House system is thriving in its 14th year. The 6 houses, named after significant local fish and birds, are Īnaka, Kāhu, Kūaka, Kōtare, Mako and Pātiki.

The students in each House compete over a wide range of activities from the Great House Spelling Bee and the House Music festival, to the more traditional Athletics and Touch competitions.

The House system provides an opportunity for the senior and junior students to participate in a positive leadership role. The House leaders, and their deputies from Years 10 - 13, organise and lead their teams, and participate in all activities. This promotes school spirit and camaraderie across the levels with staff joining in competitions such as the Tug of War and Cross Country.


The Junior House Competition


At the end of the year once the Year 12 and 13 students are on examination leave, Years 9 and 10 students have a chance to step up to the leadership role of Junior House Leader. Their job is to organise the students and promote participation in the Junior House Competition. This involves a range of activities including the circle drawing competitions, General Knowledge Quiz and rounders.



Learning Support


The Learning Support Department's role is to support and give assistance to students in collaboration with their teachers, so they may achieve success throughout their time at high school.

On entry to Lincoln High School students are tested to ensure that teachers have appropriate information to support individuals learning. Year 9 or 10 students who are identified as having higher literacy or numeracy needs may be invited to join a Supported Timetable class. In these classes there is a learning support teacher, alongside the subject teacher, in English of Mathematics, to support development of literacy or numeracy.

Learning Support also runs the year 9 Literacy Course, which runs in the Year 9 option lines. Students are invited to join this class where they will receive extra Literacy support in the form of the Steps to Literacy Program. Like all Year 9 options this runs for two terms. A course cost of $13.20 per book and a one off complete programme registration of $12.50.

Work and Community Skills classes are offered to Year 11-13 students with identified learning needs. In these classes students learn skills designed to aide their ability to participate in a work place or community.  Assessment is via Supported Learning NCEA credits. A $25 dollar workbook contribution is applicable.


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