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Yr 12-13 students receive five reports that are approximately five weeks apart, along with the publication of Derived Grade Exam results early in Term 4.  The first report is published mid Term 1, the last one at the end of Term 3. 

Yr 9-11 students receive seven 5 weekly reports, along with summary publications of curriculum grade related subject grades at the end of Semesters 1 and 2.  The first report is published mid Term 1 and the last one at the end of Term  4. 

Parents/caregivers may request individual updates on progress at any time from the Year Level Tutor or Dean. 



Whanāu - Kaiako interviews are held at the end of Term One and provide an opportunity for a verbal report on progress. They provide an opportunity to discuss each student’s progress with course teachers. Students are encouraged to attend these evenings with their whanāu

Near the start of Term 3, Linc Teacher Conferences are held with the Linc Teachers, whanāu and students during an extended school day.  The purpose of the conferences is to provide an overview of how things are progressing and discuss student goals.  Whanāu are able to email specific course related questions to course teachers.

Whanāu will be individually contacted if there is any concern about a student's progress or behaviour. Likewise, whanāu should feel free to contact teachers if they have any concerns. 



  •   Year 9 & 10 have assessments throughout the year.

  • * Year 11 students have school assessments throughout the year and up to one NCEA internal assessment in each semester course.

  • * Year 12 and 13 have derived grade exams throughout the year and external NCEA examinations in November/December. 

* Recommendations for some Year 12-13 courses maybe related to assessment results from the previous year (refer to particular course recommendations)

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