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Course Choice

How good have you been in similar courses?



What do you enjoy?



If   you know what you would like to be,   ask the Tutor or Careers Advisor what you need to take   before selecting your courses.


Investigate carefully all courses you     are interested in.


Assessment results  and reports will help   you to determine your   ability.

Do you like the work or is it just   that   you like the teacher?

If you don't   know what you want to   be, see the Tutor or Careers Advisor before selecting your courses and keep     your options open by not specialising too soon

Make your final choice, keeping in   mind   the formula above.


Discuss your ability level with your     teachers.



If you are interested in the course    you are most likely to do well.


How To Read The Course Planning Chart


  • All subjects at Lincoln High School have a code as well as a name.
  • The first digit of each code will indicate which level the subject is at.
  • Year 9 courses all have codes beginning with 9.
  • Year 10 courses all have codes beginning with 10.
  •  Year 11 courses all have codes beginning with 11.
  • The first digit of a Year 12 or 13 course code indicates the appropriate NCEA Certificate level, eg, FRE201 is NCEA Level 2 French.
  • By reading across the Course Planning Chart you can see how subjects progress through the levels and how subjects taken at Year 9 and 10 levels lead on to specialist courses in the Senior School.


How To Fill In The Course Option Sheet For Year 2021

The course selection form needs to be completed and submitted to the school online by the due date stated on the form.  Students need to discuss their proposed course with their parents/caregivers/whānau 2021 Yr 12 and 13 students need to take note of their teacher course recommendations prior to selecting courses online. The online form requires whānau/parent/caregiver approval to confirm agreement of the proposed course. Heads of Level, Tutors or Deans can answer specific questions.  The Careers NZ website also provides useful information (

The following steps need to be completed: 

1.  Complete the generic section of the online option form, name, year, level, likelihood of returning etc.

2.  Choose options for next year, including a reserve option.

 - 2020 Year 9   -   Choose three options for the first half of the year (Semester 1) and three semester options for the second half of the year (Semester 2) Refer to Year 9 Course of Study for further details.

-  2020 Year 10 -  Choose six semester options (refer to Year 10 Course of Study).

 - 2020 Year 11 -  Choose eight semester options and two English and two Mathematics semester courses which are compulsory. Science is not compulsory but is strongly recommended (refer  to Year 11 Course of Study).

  - 2020 Year 12 -  Choose six year long courses.  There are no compulsory courses but English and Mathematics are strongly recommended (refer to Year 12 Course of Study).

 - 2020 Year 13 -  Choose five year long courses (refer to Year 13 Course of Study). All students have additional independent study periods

3.  Make sure the form has been completed, and approved by whānau/parents/caregivers.

4.  Submit the 2021 course options form online by the due date.  Late submissions may result in missing out on course choices.


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