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Awards Ceremonies 


The Year 9 and 10 Awards Ceremony is held during the last days of the school year, Year 11 Awards Ceremony will be late in Term Four and the Year 12 Academic Awards Ceremony is held in February /March of the following year.  One of the highlights of the school year is the Graduation Ceremony held for Year 13 students and their whanāu prior to their external NCEA exams. We also hold a Sports Awards Ceremony in Term 4. 

The awards given out recognise students who have achieved at a high level as well as those who have demonstrated an outstanding attitude. 


Year 13 Graduation Diploma Criteria

To gain a Lincoln High School Graduation Diploma in Year 13, a student needs to meet all of the following criteria:

1. Obtain Level 2 NCEA by the end of Term Three in Year 13.

2. Obtain an overall average attendance rate of 95% or more, for all timetabled periods in Year 13, including the Linc periods.

3. Obtain a minimum of 70% of all internal NCEA credits that are assessed in Year 13.

a) Due to exceptional circumstances, a student that has not met all of the criteria may be eligible for Principal discretionary consideration.

b) The attendance rate is based on the periods attended or that have justified absences (eg. medical absences or appointments, school events and trips, exam leave etc). Absences that do not count towards the attendance rate include unexplained absences, truancy, holidays during term time and unjustified absences in accordance with the Ministry of Education requirements.

c) The graduation ceremony takes place in early November.

d) Involvement in a significant behavioural issue or ongoing misconduct may result in a student not being invited to the Graduation Ceremony.


Colours Awards 

These are the premier awards across the school and are awarded for academic achievement, including NCEA, and achievement in Sport, the Performing Arts and Services. Click here to view Colours awards information.


Academic (Awarded in March of the following year.) 

A student must achieve an Excellence endorsement in the year they are studying towards NCEA Level 2. This requires 50 or more credits at the Excellence level. 



Sport (Awarded at Sports Awards in Term 4.) 

A student must be:

  • a member of the top team/group in the year the award is made.

  • an outstanding performer, such as being a Canterbury representative.

  • a role model in terms of leadership and/or loyalty, reliability and willingness to take advice.

 New Zealand representatives will also receive an award. 


Performing Arts (Awarded at end of year.) 

A student must:

  • perform at an outstanding standard. Detailed criteria for this are available for students.

  • be a role model in terms of leadership and/or loyalty, reliability and willingness to take advice.

  • Contribute in the great majority of opportunities available. 


Services (Awarded at end of year.) 

A student must give at least 80 hours of service for the school within one year. Examples of ways to earn points are: coaching, refereeing, Peer Support leader, technical support. 


Merit Awards

Merit awards are given to students who have achieved at a high level in their sporting or cultural code but have not met all the criteria for Colours.


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