Approx Cost:
$300 for optional trip to Queenstown
$15.00 for optional course booklet
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Students are expected to have 10 level two credits from any senior social sciences subject


obtained in one internal assessment AND one external assessment in English at level two.

Students who would like to take bot HIS301 and HIP301 wil need to speak to Miss Andrews due to the similarities in assessment.


Course Outline:

Social history will have a focus on social and cultural movements and events throughout history
Events that have impacted the beliefs and values of society throughout history
Topics to be covered:
a. Parihaka – how colonial values caused the invasion of Parihaka, and how events like this have impacted New Zealand’s bi-cultural society.

b. The Bloody Codes – the evolution of crime and punishment, its impact on the current legal system, and the establishment of criminal psychology.

c. The Otago Gold Rush – how Chinese immigration during the Otago Gold Rush led to fear and discrimination among the New Zealand population, and how these social attitudes managed to affect government policies.

d. The Emancipation Proclamation – how this aspect of the American Civil War has impacted current relationships between Caucasian and African-American cultures.



 Two compulsory internal history standards and one optional history standard  (AS91435 & AS91437 - AS91434 optional)
One optional internal psychology standard (AS91873)
One external history standards (AS91438)

Where Does It Lead:

Offers an introduction to sociology, religious studies, and psychology – all of which are important in a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, or a Bachelor of Criminal Justice, a common pathway for history students.  This course also provides insight into New Zealand's commitment to bi-cultural relations.

For further information see:
Miss C Andrews