Approx Cost:
SCIPAD workbook of approximately $15.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Students should have enjoyed Year 10 Science and have an interest in general science. Students intending to take Year 12 science are advised to take this general science course alongside a more specific course such as 11BIO, 11CHE, 11PHY, 11SCB, 11AMS, 11FSC or 11AHS.

Course Outline:

Students will complete the following units:

Investigate selected chemical reactions (one internal NCEA assessment)

Students will investigate the following concepts:

Aspects of atomic structure including ion formation

Specific chemical reactions including exchange, decomposition, combination and displacement

How to predict and observe selected chemical reactions

How to write balanced chemical equation.

Discuss aspects of genetic variation and inheritance

Students will learning and investigate the following concepts:

What is variation and why is it important to living organisms

How variation is stored in cells and how is it transferred between generations

Mendelian genetics including monohybrid crosses and test crosses

Where Does It Lead:

This course taken alongside the semester course, 11SCia -physics, provides students with an understanding of some general aspects of Science at level 6 of the New Zealand Curriculum and provides a solid platform for entry into most Year 12 Sciences. Students who are looking at careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields are recommended to consider taking more than two semesters of science such as 11BIO, 11CHE, 11PHY, 11AHS, 11SCB, 11AMS or 11FSC. For NCEA Level 2 Speciality Sciences, a total of 8 Science credits are recommended with 4 credits of those being at least Merit level in the specialty subject area.

For further information see:
Mr Tolhoek