Approx Cost:
$5.00 for course materials.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

This course is open entry.

Course Outline:

In English, you will choose two English courses.  One from Group A and one from Group B. 

 If you need more support with literacy, you will be placed in 11ENL English Literacy as one of your courses.

 You can choose 11ENW “The ‘Write’ Stuff:  Writing in English in addition to your Group A and Group B Course.


Close Viewing assessment


Connections Across Texts assessment


·     11ENGa 

·     11ENY Dystopian

·     11ENC War and Conflict

·    11ENGb  

·    11ENS Sport and Exploration

·    11ENM Myths and Legends

·   11ENW Writing



Students will learn to examine various text types that are connected by the theme of war and conflict. In this course we examine the horrors and realities of war, studying key conflicts mostly from the World War Two era.  Students will learn key themes such as the true nature of war, survival, honour and glory, and heroism. In this course we recognise what we can learn from the past conflicts and its relevance in society today.

 The key skills covered in this programme are:

  • creative and formal writing
  • literature text studies
  • visual text creation and presentation
  • close reading
  • film analysis

Students will be expected to complete an independent reading programme as part of this and all other English courses.

The War and Conflict course is an Option A course, completing the same skills as General English A, and Dystopian English but through the theme of war. All Year 11 students must select one course from Option A and one course from Option B to complete their English studies. 


There is one course assessment and three Year 11 Diploma assessments in this course.

Where Does It Lead:

ENC201, ENW201, ENG201, ENH201, ENS201, ENR001 and ENS001 (if entry recommendations are met for these courses), ENG202

For further information see:
Ms Lamont