Approx Cost:
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Course Outline:

This course follows the National English Curriculum at Level 5. Year 10 consolidates the learning from Year 9. Students make meaning and create meaning through reading and writing, viewing and presenting, listening and speaking, as part of thematic units.

Reading and writing are central to this course. Students will read for their own enjoyment and personal growth, as well as study a range of other texts (novels, short stories, plays and poetry). They will develop a range of skills essential for writing and understanding language in a variety of situations.

Students will expand their interpersonal speaking and listening skills, as well as their ability to comprehend and use oral language in more formal situations. Visual language skills will be developed through studies of magazines, static images, television and film.


Students will complete four common assessment tasks throughout the year.

Where Does It Lead:

English is compulsory at Year 11. Students choose any two English courses on offer.

For further information see:
Ms Lamont.