Approx Cost:
Students will need to have their own headphones.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Recommendations:

This is an advanced course and students will need to be proficient at abstract and logical thinking. Therefore, strong mathematical ability, particularly in Algebra is recommended

Course Outline:

Have you ever wanted to find out:

  • How computer programs can be used to quickly and easily find errors in data?
  • How a computer stores an image or a video if it only understands a 0 and 1?
  • How does artificial intelligence work?
  • Will computers take over the world?
  • How does it all work?

This course aims to develop an understanding of:

  • How to represent different data types using binary
  • Common algorithms used for error checking and correction
  • Common algorithms used in sorting and searching and how to chose the best algorithm for a given situation

In this course you will learn to:

  • Write code to implement commonly used algorithms
  • Use object-oriented code to solve problems
  • Understand computer science concepts like error detection and correction
  • Represent different types of data using only binary numbers
  • Develop your own Chatbot

Assessment is by means of practical and written projects

Where Does It Lead:

 Any Year 11 Digital Technologies course.

For further information see:
Mrs Davey