Approx Cost:
Students will be expected to have printing credit available for this subject and a 40 page clearfile.
Students will need their own headphones.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is not needed for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open Entry but advisable to be a confident user in a range of digital media software.

Course Outline:

This course focuses on effective communication through the use of multiple digital media applications. Students will work with a real client to research, design and produce an effective solution and will need to manage their own consultation and time. They will also need to work independently to extend their skills in their chosen applications. Students will build on their existing Multimedia skills as appropriate to their client’s needs.

Students develop their own projects and are expected to engage with their projects beyond class time.

Where Does It Lead:

Students completing this course will build a portfolio of digital technology work and be looking towards a career in one of the disciplines of Digital Technologies.

For further information see:
Mrs Davey