Approx Cost:
No cost, unless a workshop with a specialist tutor is offered.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

 Previous experience in Year 9 or 10 Dance is desirable but not compulsory.

Course Outline:

This single semester course is for those who wish to express themselves through dance and movement in a safe and supportive environment. Students will explore and use selected vocabularies and technologies in dance. They will use choreographic structures to create their own sequences and present their ideas in group or solo pieces. Work is predominantly practical with opportunities to explore, compare and contrast a range of social and cultural dance styles and to examine live and recorded dance performances.


Research and analysis, individual and group choreography, performance.

Where Does It Lead:

Employers and tertiary institutions are keen to find people with diverse interests and ability to work collaboratively for sustained periods. Participation in a dance course enables students to learn new skills while building confidence in working with others, sharing ideas and negotiating to bring an initial idea through to a finished product at a performance level

For further information see:
Ms Wylie