Approx Cost:
$235.00 non compulsory case study trip. $28.00 Workbook
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open entry.  However, a desire to study commerce at tertiary level is recommended.

Course Outline:

Business Studies is a course for students who want a hands-on experience running their own business.  Students work in business groups to develop a product that not only makes a profit but also provides a community focus.  As a business they will complete market research, a business plan, budgets and forecasts, marketing production and partake in two market days.

The course will also cover motivation theorist and how these apply to employees/employers and how to best increase production and profit for the business through these principles.

The external exam relates to a case study trip to a business where students will learn a range of internal operations such as the production process, the use of financial information, corporate social responsibility aspects, organisational structure and policy and procedures.



15 internal credits (12 involve group project work and 3 are an individual report).  There are 4 external credits based on the case study trip.

Where Does It Lead:

Level 3 Business Studies, Young Enterprise Scheme, Tertiary study in Business Studies

For further information see:
Mrs Walker