Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open entry, students should have taken an agriculture/horticulture junior course and/or should have enjoyed biology related topics in junior science and/or have a strong interest in animal management.

Course Outline:

This course will focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of animal management and husbandry. This course would suit students that are potentially interested in a career that relates to animals. There are no internal NCEA assessments.


  • Anatomy: animal structures and systems (teeth, digestion, bone and muscle structure – movement and conformation)
  • Animal Health: responsible care, health checks, common illness and disease management
  • Dietary Requirements: appropriate diet, weight management, diet comparisons, supplements
  • Behaviour and Training: observing and identifying normal and abnormal behaviours, positive reinforcement, behaviour modification
  • Husbandry: reproduction, selective breeding, genetics, artificial insemination
  • Animal Careers: jobs in the animal sector, may include field trips or guest speakers
  • Appropriate Containment: suitable shelter, stocking rates, enrichment, exercise requirements
  • Herd Management: safety, herd behaviour, disease management, herd handling

Animals studied will include:

Domestic: dogs, cats, lagomorphs (rabbits), rodents (rats, mice and guinea pigs), birds, reptiles and fish.

Livestock: poultry, horses, pigs, deer and alpaca and llama.

Where Does It Lead:

This course would fit well alongside any other year 11 science. This could lead to completing study in senior Biology and/or Agriculture/Horticulture courses at Lincoln High School. Relevant careers could include Vet nursing, Vet, animal behavior,  or farm management. 

For further information see:
Miss Tighe