Approx Cost:
Up to $50 for specialist instruction and trips
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open entry.

Course Outline:

This course offers the opportunity for students who are passionate about sport to improve their sport-related fitness and skills, and use their sporting interests as a context for wider learning. The course also develops valuable social, co-operative and leadership skills that will assist young people in their sporting journeys and other life endeavours. The course draws upon assessments from a range of learning areas, including Physical Education, Health and History, using sport as the main context of learning. 

Learners who choose SPS101 are free to take another Physical Education course, but need to be aware of credit overlaps. Students who choose History and Health courses also need to be aware of credit overlaps.

18 credits available at NCEA Level 1 (internally assessed)   

Where Does It Lead:

Level 2 Sports Leadership, Physical Education and Health Education (SPL201, PED201, PER201, HED201). Careers options include anything involving sport, teaching, coaching, training, health promotion and many more.

For further information see:
Mr R James