Approx Cost:
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Course Outline:

This course follows the National Social Sciences Curriculum at Level 5. The aim of the course is to provide the foundation knowledge of Geography, History, Classical Studies and Senior Social Sciences (Social Studies, Psychology, Business Studies and Media Studies).

The teaching and learning programme for each class will be based on core knowledge common to all classes and the learning strategies and emphasis will be designed by the class teacher to match the needs of the class. Depending on the strengths of the class, field trips and excursions will be incorporated into the course to add depth of understanding to the topics studied. 

Topics include:

  • Power, Control and Politics

     How do people and organisations gain control over other people and the environment in which they live?

  • Work, Wealth and Inequalities.

     How do people use resources and create wealth and what are the consequences of this?

  • Change, Action and Influence.

     How have communities and people responded to challenges in their world? What type of people lead responses and rethink the way society is organised?


Assessment is designed around core knowledge requirements and is tailored by teachers to the learning needs of each of the classes. There is a summative assessment at Year 10 which measures student progress against a Level 1 NCEA Achievement Standard.

Where Does It Lead:

Senior Geography (How the natural environment and people interact), History, Social Science, Classical Studies, Media and Tourism courses.

For further information see:
Mr S Gilpin.