Approx Cost:
$50 - $100 depending on trips
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

The ability to cope with all aspects of human behaviour in a classroom environment, as well as the academic demands of Psychology, is expected. Students will have successfully studied either NCEA Level 1 or Level 2 Psychology.  For those choosing to study Psychology for the first time at NCEA Level 3, this should be discussed with the Teacher in Charge.

Course Outline:

NCEA Level 3 Psychology builds on the knowledge and skills gained from Level 2 Psychology. This course will give you the opportunity to consolidate and expand your knowledge of psychological approaches, theories and research methodologies. Being able to work effectively as part of a group as well as independently is vital to achieving success in this subject.

We will look at the areas of religion and the supernatural (from a psychology perspective), the impact of the media on our behaviour and emotions, and abnormal psychology.


4 NCEA achievement standards will be on offer internally, totalling 19 credits.  This is a UE approved subject. 

Where Does It Lead:

Psychology provides a strong foundation for other career areas such as mental health, education, training, marketing, leadership, management, business, law and politics.