Approx Cost:
$40 for evening performances/workshops
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

It is expected students will be prepared to rehearse in and out of class time and be available for performance evenings.

Course Outline:

This course is an multi-level semester course suited to students with a strong interest in performance or drama studies.  Students will investigate what makes a script have impact, by exploring a range of published scripts. They will then be taken through scriptwriting conventions and a range of styles to create their own scripts as well as direct a professional script. Students will also be expected to perform in each other’s pieces in front of an audience.




There are no NCEA credits offered for Year 11 students, but Year 11 students will be assessed against parallel criteria for ‘Let’s Create!’ and ‘Let’s Direct!’ to Year 12/13 students and on their performance role.

Year 12 Achievement standards:

AS 91220 2.8. Script a scene suitable for drama performance. (4 credits)

AS91221 2.9. Direct a scene for drama performance (4 credits)


Year 13 Achievement standards:

AS91519 3.8. Script a drama suitable for live performance.(5 credits)

AS91520 3.9. Direct a drama performance (5 credits)

Where Does It Lead:

Employers, tertiary institutions and professional partners in today’s working environment are keen to find people with diverse interests and ability to work collaboratively for sustained periods. There are a number of courses at Universities and Polytechnics that believe the communication skills developed in drama courses are desirable e.g. Law Medicine and Commerce, as well as the many specialist courses for students interested in pursuing the Performing Arts. Employers and professional partners in today’s working environment are keen to find people with strong communication and presentation skills who have a positive attitude and the ability to connect thinking and imagination to create works independently and as part of a team.

For further information see:
Mrs McLean