Approx Cost:
Materials $60.00. Any extra materials will be charged accordingly.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

This course is suited to students that have had a strength and genuine interest in Year 10 Materials Technology Wood, Materials Technology Metal, Product design or Graphics.

It is not recommended to do more than two of 11WCS, 11MCS or 11PDT courses.

Course Outline:

This course is a continuation of Product Design Technology - Part 1 (11PDTa).  To do this course, 11PDTb*, you need to have completed the semester one course, 11PDTa as the learning from semester one is needed for semester two.

This course requires a strong desire to work through the design process and management of their product design. Creative and self-motivated. Students follow the design process to develop a major product for the year by:

  • Renewing planning
  • Undertaking research to develop final ideas and presenting the detail through technological modelling.
  • Making, presenting and evaluating the final product.

There is one internal NCEA assessment in this course.

Where Does It Lead:

The course is designed for those who may want to progress further than trades into engineering, project management, industrial design and product design.  PDT201, WTS201 and  MTS201, University courses in engineering and technology, project management, production and research. 

For further information see:
Mr Wright, (HOD) or HOLA