Approx Cost:
Materials $120.00. Any extra materials will be charged accordingly.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Minimum 12 credits in Product Design 201. 

Course Outline:

A strong understanding of the design process and able to independently manage their product design year. Creative and self-motivated and able to communicate with stake holders.

This course includes standards from the technology and the construction and mechanical technologies University approved subject area.  Students follow the technological process to develop products for the year by communicating with stakeholders to;

  • Fully researching a defined context to establish an issue and developing a brief.
  • Undertaking research and developing ideas.
  • Refining final ideas and presenting the detail though computer solid modelling and physical modelling.
  • Making, presenting, testing and evaluating the final product, using advanced skills and CNC.
  • Gathering knowledge through the design process, product research, 
  • communication with stakeholders, material research and testing.
Where Does It Lead:

University courses in engineering and technology, project management, production design.

For further information see:
Mr E Wright, HOLA or HOD