Approx Cost:
Materials $120.00. Any extra materials will be charged accordingly.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Minimum 12 credits in Product Design Technology PDT101. 

It is not recommended to do more than one of MTM203, MTW203 or PDT 201 courses.

Course Outline:

A strong desire to work through the design process and manage their product design. Creative and self-motivated and able to communicate with stake holders. Students follow the design process to develop products for the year by communicating with stakeholders to:

  • Fully researching a given issue to develop and refine a brief.
  • Undertaking in depth research and develop ideas.
  • Developing final ideas and presenting the detail (sketching, computer solid modelling and physical modelling.)
  • Making with advanced skills, presenting and evaluating the final product.
  • Selecting and using planning tools to manage time and resources.
  • Gathering knowledge through the design process, product and material research, communication with stakeholders and testing.
Where Does It Lead:

The course is designed for those who may want to progress further than trades into engineering, project management, industrial design, and product design.

  • Year 13 Product Design Technology.
  • Polytechnic courses in design, craft, and trades.
  • University courses in engineering and technology, project management, production, research.
For further information see:
Mr E Wright, HOLA or HOD